SCD soft pretzels


found this recipe on pinterest and they came out good! It’s unfortunate that my son can not have coconut and eggs. Will be trying this again without them soon!


-1.5 cups almond flour

-3 tbsp ground coconut flakes

-1/2 tsp coarse sea salt

-3 eggs room temp

-1Tsp Ghee

Beat 2 eggs  and set aside. Then combine the almond flour, salt and ghee. Add to the eggs. Add coconut four until the dough is pliable and you can mold it into a pretzel shape.  Place your pretzel shapes on a well oiled pan and bake at 350 for about 10 minutes. Take them out, flip them over, brush with the last beaten egg and salt. Bake at 400 for 5 minutes more.


3 thoughts on “SCD soft pretzels

  1. Hi, I am sorry I abandoned this blog a while ago. I honestly can not remember this recipe at all. I only made it the one time then tried again without egg and it didn’t work so I abandoned the recipe. I looked the recipe up on my Pintrest account and the original pin linked back to a blog that had been deleted. From what I wrote I think the salt was divided in two. Maybe 1/4 tsp in the batter and 1/4 tsp sprinkled on top. And I am not sure if I meant to write 1 tsp or TBsp of ghee. I guess if the batter is too dry it should have been a tbsp. I’m so sorry I can not answer the questions properly. If you experiment and find the answer I would love to hear what it should be! Thanks!! 🙂

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